Purveyors of filth

Original Patty Men have made a name for themselves slinging burgers on the street food scene since 2013. Don't just take our word for it, they've actually won awards for how good they are. Using the best of the best, these burgers aren't your typical burgers. It's a borderline religious experience. After a weekend-long pop-up with us last year, we're delighted to have them back for 2 whole months!


Cheezy-E Burger

Aged Longhorn beef patty, fresh white onion, American cheese, lettuce, thick cut pickle, boss man sauce


Bacon Cheese

Aged Longhorn beef patty, streaky bacon, American cheese, fresh red onion, lettuce, pickle, ketchup, mustard


Pineapple Express

Aged Longhorn beef patty, pineapple hot sauce, cheddar, lettuce, fresh tomato & roquito chillies


Naked Tots V

Salted potato tots


Alabama Tots V

Potato tots, white BBQ sauce, hot sauce, spring onion, crispy onion



Potato tots, parmesan, chives, hot butter


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I never knew veggie food could taste this good!

— A Beckett