Party Party in Arabic

Hafla Hafla roughly translates to Party Party in Arabic - Tim and his talented team wanted the food to all be about fun and we’d say he’s done it. After travelling with Hafla Hafla up and down the UK an opportunity came up to have a stall at Baltic Market, which we hope you’ve heard of. It was at this moment Tim made the, then very innocent, decision to put halloumi fries on the menu and nobody could have expected what would happen next. Queues of halloumi-crazed guests yearning for the golden and melty cheese, late night inboxes demanding recipes and an overnight loyal following.


Halloumi Shawarma V

Harissa marinated halloumi, tomato and cucumber salsa, fresh chilli, crispy onions, lime yoghurt and lemon squeeze



Juicy chicken fillet, tahini, tomato and cucumber salsa, pink onions, amba, fresh chilli and lemon squeeze


Lamb Kebab

Diced spring lamb, honey yoghurt, red onion, tomato and cucumber salsa, pickled chilli and feta


Falafel Kebab VE V

House falafel, red onion, tomato and cucumber salsa, pickled turnip and chilli, house tahini and lemon squeeze


Pomegranate Halloumi Fries V

Fresh pomegranate seeds, tahini and mint


Salt & Pepper Halloumi Fries V

Chinese spice peppers and onions, homemade Srircha sauce and a sprinkle of fresh chilli and coriander


Bacon Halloumi Fries

Maple mayo, crispy smoked back bacon bits


Chicken Shawarma Or Falafel Loaded Halloumi Fries


Falafel & Halloumi Burger V

Babaganoush, chilli paste, tahini, crispy shoestring onions


Lamb & Halloumi Burger

Hummus, chilli jam, pickled chilli, tahini, crispy shoestring onions


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We came and tried the halloumi fries in May. They were so good I ate half of my husbands portion too

— D Waters