Eat like a Greek

Greek street food has become increasingly popular as of late, and rightly so. Grilla specialises on meat on the spit and people flock in their thousands for their gyros, souvlaki and more each week. Cooking the meat this way allows for the juiciest and most tender bite possible. Grilla started a few years back now opening a restaurant on Hardman Street. A few years on and they've built a huge cult-like following, a stunning Allerton Road restaurant and a street food stall at Baltic Market. Eat like a Greek next time you're here!


Chicken Gyros

Served with tomato, onion, chips, tzatziki or mayo mustard


Chicken Boneless

Served with home made mayo mustard, chips, chilli and spring onion


Homemade Croquettes V

Tomato croquettes, cheese croquettes or zucchini croquettes served with pita bread, tzatziki, chilli and spring onion


Greek Pita Wrap

Greek farmer sausage, pork souvlaki or any croquettes all served with tomato, onion, chips, tzatziki or mayo mustard


Vegan Pita Wrap VE V

Served with grilled vegetables, tomato, onion and tahini



Mix souvlaki (chicken, farmers sausage, pork), chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki or greek farmers sausage souvlaki. All served with chips, tzatziki or mayo mustard, chilli and spring onion


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