Flavours of the Caribbean

Eat Up Gud is run by Head Cook Greg Falola, who, as a boy growing up in Liverpool, was blessed to be surrounded by West Indian women who would cook food from the islands. The aim of Eat Up Gud is to serve delicious food that Greg would be proud to offer to the phenomenal women who were around him as he was growing up. Eat Up Gud caters at markets, festivals, events and private parties. Most of their main meals are free of dairy, gluten and nuts. Any unsold food they distribute to a local organisation that supports homeless people.


Curry Goat and Yam

Slow-cooked tender goat meat served with yam in a tasty curry sauce (medium heat)


Island Chicken Curry V

Packed with chicken, sweet potato and coconut. Boneless thigh full of flavour (mild)


Rainbow Vegan Curry VE V

Filled with a rainbow of peppers, vegetables and coconut (mild)


Jerk Chicken

Leg and thigh of barbequed chicken marinated in spicy Jerk seasoning. (spicy)


Pan Fried FIsh

Fillet of Sea Bass lightly spiced and and battered Yardie style (medium)


Chicken or Vegan Roti

Island or Rainbow curry served in a homemade flat bread


Twice Fried Plantain VE V

Sweet plantain. Once fried good, twice fried better


Sweet Potato Fries VE V

Back by popular demand


Kushi Katsu Vegan Tray VE

2 curried aubergine and nori skewer, 1 tofu ponzu and sesame skewer, 1 king oyster mushroom skewer. Served with edamame beans and pickled daikon

Katsu Curry & Skinny Fries


Karaage Fried Chicken

Boneless chicken thigh pieces served with kewpie mayo and lime


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