Dining out no longer means missing out.

In many people’s minds, veganism is an underground cult that meet on a monthly basis on chairs constructed solely of lentils to eat mushrooms in fair-trade Che Guevara t-shirts. This is simply not the case, lentil chairs aren’t comfy at all. Being a veggie or a vegan in a big city can feel a bit lonely. It can feel like the world is one big inside joke about how good bacon is and the extent a restaurant will go to for your lifestyle choice is mushrooms on toast. The movements are growing and with it, attitudes and menus are changing.

As well as sporadic vegan Sunday markets – our ever-changing food traders do great veggie and vegan options. You can find us open Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 12pm-12am, Saturday 11am-12am and Sunday 11am-9pm. Hopefully see you soon.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Hafla Hafla – Halloumi Fries (veggie)

The Midnight Delivery – Oreo & Biscoff Hot Cookie Dough (veggie and vegan)

Little Furnace – Margherita (veggie)

Doner Summer – Loaded Hash Brown Fries (veggie and vegan)

Little Furnace – All The Veg (veggie and vegan)

Little Korea – Korean Dumplings (veggie and vegan)

Press Bros. Coffee – Flat White with Oat Milk (veggie and vegan)

Pasta Cosa – Cheesy Garlic Bread (veggie)

Hafla Hafla – Babaganoush Arancini With Chilli Jam (veggie and vegan)

Picnic – Loaded Sweet Potato Fries (veggie)

Little Korea – Good For The Seoul Vegan Fried Seitan (veggie and vegan)

Grilla – Tomato Croquettas (veggie)

Doner Summer – Vegan Kebab (veggie and vegan)

Picnic – Quinoa Burger (veggie and vegan)

The Yog Bar – Chocolate Frozen Yog With Honeycomb (veggie and vegan)

If you need something to wash it down don’t forget that as well as food, we often have vegan friendly wines, beers and cocktails to choose from.

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