Introducing “Behind the Counter”

… a new video series that takes you on a delectable journey into the heart of the culinary world at the Baltic Market. Join us as we step into the kitchens, peeling back the layers of our trader’s cooking experiences and uncovering the passion that drives their creations.

In each episode, we sit down with these talented chefs to delve into their personal stories and cooking history. Through candid conversations, we explore the pivotal moments that ignited their love for food and led them on the path to becoming the chefs they are today.

From childhood memories that sparked their creativity to the mentors who guided their culinary evolution, “Behind the Counter” brings you face-to-face with the inspirations that shape each chef’s unique style.

In each episode, we’ll whisk you away to the kitchens of renowned chefs, uncovering the stories simmering behind their culinary journeys.

“Behind the Counter” is your exclusive backstage pass to the savoury tales and delectable creations that make the Baltic Market what it is.

Ep. 1 – LA BISTROTECA – 23.08.23

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