If you’re on a diet, look away now.

We remember going on a diet once. It was the worst four hours of our lives. I think we can all agree dieting is hard. The lack of food, the jogging, the lycra – did we mention the lack of food? Now we don’t wish to corrupt you and we apologise if you’re easily swayed but here are 20 plates of food that are so good, they’re worth ruining your diet for. You can find them all under one roof – see you soon. 

We re-opened our doors on 4th July and we’ve put a lot of measures in to keep you, our customers and our traders safe at all times. Read here to see what we’ve done. We’re open Thursday 5-11pm, Friday 12pm-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 11am-9pm.

Wholesome Junkies – Truffle Burger

Every week we get emails looking for reassurance it was definitely vegan! Just look at it…

Hafla Hafla – Salt and Pepper Halloumi Fries

Don’t attempt to adjust your monitor, these guys are real and are just as immense as you’re imagining.

Little Furnace – Wood Fired Pepperoni Pizza

Made from scratch from start to finish right before your very eyes.

Wholesome Junies – Loaded Thai Tots

100% vegan and 110% tasty.

Eat Up Gud – Spicy Wings

Take a bite at your own risk…

photo by @feedmesista

Little Korea – Half & Half Korean Fried Chicken

Half sweet and spicy fried chicken and half soy and garlic fried chicken with sticky rice and pickles. Next level.

Christakis – Gyros

Chicken and chips in a wrap? We’re in.

Hafla Hafla – Halloumi Shawarma Kebab

Intimidated? You should be. This halloumi shawarma has racked up over 120 million+ views online. One bite and you’ll see why.

Eat Up Gud – Jerk Chicken Fries

Flavours of the Caribbean.

photo by @feedmesista

Christakis – Chicken Gyros Fries

A stroke of Greek genius.

Beef On The Block – The Peppercorn

Steak, chips and peppercorn sauce. Name a more iconic trio.

Little Korea – Korean Dumplings

You either love dumplings or you’re wrong.

Pattersons – Loaded Fried Buffalo Chicken Fries

For the spice lovers.

Press Bros. Coffee – Many Berry Haze

Maybe it’s the milkshake or maybe it’s Tito’s smile but we’re in love.

Pattersons – Salt & Pepper Box

Diet starts Monday. Just look at it.

The Midnight Delivery – Kinder Bueno Hot Cookie Dough

Mouth is watering just typing that.

The Midnight Delivery – Galaxy Caramel Cheesecake

Excuse the pun but this is quite literally out of this world.

Little Furnace – Half Garlic Bread Half Margherita

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Press Bros. Coffee – Biscoff Espresso Martini

Even we’re at a loss of words for this one.

Beef On The Block – Philly Cheesesteak Fries

The three best words in history?

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