So winter finally feels like it has passed! Spring is here, the sun is shining, the beer gardens are back open, (just wear your big coat!)

Let’s get our first BIG event of 2022 going with a bang and tell you 10 reason why its already the highlight of your year!

1. Full week of St. Patricks fun

We think St. Patricks day shouldn’t be confined to 1 single day!! So we will be celebrating the whole week!
16-20th March will be a week to remember!

2. Live Music all weekend

We will have the best in local DJs, live music, big bands and Irish music to fill your boots and get you swinging them hips all weekend!

3. Live Sports

We will be getting them screens up for you to get based, soak up the atmosphere and get them Rugby shirts out the wardrobe. We will be showing the 6 nations rugby for you all weekend.

4. Themed drinks

We have one of the biggest bars in Liverpool and the best staff who will be putting their skills into new and fun themed drinks for you
. Whiskey drinks, mixed with classic cocktails and you know it’ll have a garnish fit for them instagram grids!

5. Food Specials

Some of our stalls will be taking inspiration from our Irish neighbours and twisting classic dishes into something tasty for the weekend! Think Guinness gravy on your steaks, Irish sausages on your pizzas and maybe even a limited edition themed dessert?!
Keep your eyes peeled for our food line-up its going to be mega!

6. Dancing

We love you coming and getting based on our big beer hall benches but there comes a time when you want to get up and bust a move! So expect us to ditch a few benches to create a huge open dance floor! We want to see your best moves that Michael Flatley would be proud of!

7. Special Guests

We have the best residents DJs and bands but we always want to pull out the stops for St.Patricks weekend and we want to get the best Irish experience you can! Announcement coming soon!

8. Guinness in Steins

We can’t get enough of the black stuff as it is, but for a weekend like this we need even bigger pints to quench that thirst! Bigger is better in our eyes so we will be serving our Guinness in every measurement possible. Halfs, pints and 2 pinters.. should we do pitchers or have we gone too far?

9. St.Patricks slush

Had enough whisky and Guinness to last you all year? well, we have another tasty option for you! We love our Slush World bar and always want to offer the best, big, bold drink to fit our theme and this is no exception! Expect boozy bright green slushes with a baltic twist!

10. Venue theme

We love to go the extra mile for a theme! So we will be dressing our venue in the best green and white decor we can find! We also want YOU to fit our look so keep an eye out as we love to throw out (yes, literally) massive clover Guinness Hats!


we couldn’t leave out our huge competition where you can win £400 worth of food and drink, a hotel stay and even hangover brunch at the amazing Press bros Coffee on Lark Lane!

We are so excited and hope you are too! It’s out biggest weekender of 2022 and we are going to raise our pints of Guinness and the ROOF!

info –

Wed-Thurs-Sun – FREE ENTRY
Friday £5 after 5pm
Saturday £10 all day
Pay on the door

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